The last lingering coldness of winter has nearly disappeared. We can take this as a message from nature that it’s finally the time to go outside. The place you go doesn’t need to be limited to the backyard of your house, but can be a farther place to get back to nature.

If you like to exercise, you may challenge yourself by adventuring into the wilderness. Have an expedition by hiking barefoot could be your ideal choice. By fast stepping to your destination and working out a sweat, it will not only be useful for burning some calories but also relieve you from the stress of daily life.

On the condition you like your outdoor life in a casual way, surely you could enjoy your spare time camping. Throw all your outfits into your van, drive to the destination and park. Then, you could fill your itinerary with a picnic, watching your kids running around you, or fishing by the lakeside in a carefree state.

There’s much joy you can take in this season, so gear up all essentials you will need for a marvelous trip.

SONGMICS Strip Pattern Picnic Blanket UGCM60LSit on the ground with an exclusive outdoor blanket

What is your expectation for a blanket for camping or hiking? The upper surface is comfortably soft when sitting on it, yet it could be effortlessly cleaned?

Once it has been stained (such a circumstance might not be strange for you, especially if you have a drink included in your picnic and kids in your crew), you will not want it to be part of your laundry chore as it’s already such tedious work.

The lower layer should also be damp proof. Under the circumstance that you are on the beach or the grass, the moist air near the sea or the dew on the grass shouldn’t be a challenge for your blanket.

Based on the factors considered above, this strip pattern picnic blanket can help to handle those problems.

With a combination of different materials compacted into three layers, the comfort for sitting, the easiness of cleaning, and the damp proof underlayer can all make your picnic easier and better.

Furthermore, you can roll it out and fold it into a bag with the handle at one end of it. Just pack it in your bag or in your van—it will take little space and help you create a decent and comfy resting area.

SONGMICS Orange Sleeping Bag UGSB02GONeedless to say, sleeping is always important no matter if it’s at home or outdoors

Take a look at all the gear in your bag—it is always good to have a tent for sheltering yourself from the sun or rain outside.
However, when you want to quickly recover yourself from an all-day trek or a half-day, exhausting march, a decent, whole nights sleep or a quick snooze will be extremely important.

Since the sunshine isn’t as sufficient as what it will be in the summer, the ground temperature and ambient temperature at night are still quite low this season. You need to better cover yourself up, especially when taking a rest.

The body metabolism will dramatically reduce, and that means less heat production from your body to keep warm from the actual lower surrounding temperature.

This orange sleeping bag will be essential for your sleep. The inner space is roomy enough even for an adult up to 6’ tall. Just tuck yourself into it and zip it up, and then enjoy the cuddly warmth and your sweet dreams.

Also, it can be folded into a little bag weighing only 2 lb. The room for it in your bag may be just a corner. When you take it home and would like to clean it for next time, just throw it into your washing machine and let the machine do all the work for you.

SONGMICS Mixed Blue Hammock UGDC20BUOr hanging a bed for a temporary rest

No matter in a tranquil glade or by an azure lakeside or seashore, it will a wonderful place to enjoy a drink and read a book. The art of literature flowing in the magic combination between the words and lines will be another joy under such a circumstance.

Or, just listing to some music on your phone and enjoying the tone of some classic songs like Hotel California or Blowin’ In the Wind.

Moreover, you can treat yourself with a book or music in a sprawl-out way, how cozy it is! You can achieve such bliss with a reliable hammock. With strong carabiners and straps, it can hold up to 660 lb.

Lounging, napping, reading, or listening to music, just choose your way to enjoy leisure time with the hammock.

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