Gardening Tips That Will Make Your Neighbors Jealous

By Samantha Leon|Housetipster

If you are a homeowner or are looking to be a homeowner, you know all about the importance of curb appeal. The first thing that you see every day when you return from school or work is the exterior of your home. It’s also the first thing a guest will see, or even a prospective buyer should you decide to put your home on the market. All things related to the exterior of your home comprise that overall curb appeal, including your front door, driveway, and your lawn and garden.

A poorly maintained home can leave a bad taste in the mouth of daily passersby and guests alike. Though in many cases, it is easier to mask home maintenance issues compared to the upkeep of your lawn and garden. Your lawn and garden require ongoing, sometimes daily, care to keep it looking ship-shape. And though lawn and garden care is time-consuming, it doesn’t always have to be expensive, and it is usually far less costly than repairs needed for the structure of your home.

So if you are trying to improve the curb appeal of your home, starting with the lawn and garden of your home is the right step. Not only that, with the right changes, you’ll bring a smile to the face of all of those passersby, and you’ll make your neighbors jealous too.


Annie Spratt

Five tips to create a stand-out garden
1. Add succulents.

These plants that originated from the desert are presently the hippest plan to showcase at your home. If the climate in your area will allow for it, create a portable succulent garden to adorn your front steps. These unique plants are low maintenance, come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and don’t tend to attract pests. Look for unique planters that complement the color of your home, and create a layered look to add dimension.

2. Create an elf treehouse.

If you have a large old oak tree in your front door, this is the perfect recommendation for you. All you need is some wood, cement, stones, and some paint. Create small ‘windows’ that can be mounted at various heights on the tree, and then build a ‘door’ at the bottom of the tree to simulate the treehouse entrance. A variation on this is to create the Winnie the Pooh House. Not only will this create a unique look, but it will make for a unique conversation piece.

3. Add lawn edging.

Lawn edging provides your yard with a clean and well-manicured appearance. Not only does it increase the curb appeal dramatically, but it can also add value to your yard without a significant investment. Your trimming time will be lowered, and you will gain the benefit of a root barrier to separate your flower and plant beds from your grass.

4. Incorporate a wooden garden box.

If you want to create some variation and depth to your lawn, consider the addition of a wooden garden box. Raised garden boxes tend to have fewer weeds than gardens that are planted at ground level. There is less compaction (because you won’t be stepping on the soil) and less tilling because the soil will stay lighter. You can plant your various items closer together because of the nutrient density of the soil composition. When selecting the wood for your garden box, be sure to choose an untreated wood and one that is less prone to rotting. This will ensure your garden box stays new looking for longer. Redwood and cedar are both great options. Once your garden boxes are done, fill with soil and plant away. Consider planting some vinca vines in the corners so that the leaves can spill out. And spikes in the back can create an excellent backdrop.

5. Create a hanging garden.

If you have a fenced-in yard, especially if you have a six-foot or higher fence in your backyard, it can create a very bland look. Consider adding a hanging garden or two along the perimeter, especially on any fencing the protrudes and is visible on the sides of your house (for example, if you are in the street looking at your home and the fence is visible, consider adding a hanging garden on the street-visible section of the fence). Add bright blooms and green vines to create a vibrant and fun look. To make sure your flowers grow, use coffee grounds on the soil to supplement the nutrients in the garden. This handy hack will help your plants grow faster and heartier as coffee acts as a fertilizer full of phosphorus and potassium that plants love.

watering the plants

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Get creative with your garden and have some fun with it

The first and foremost strategy to maintaining your garden is to do just that – maintain it. If you don’t have the time, energy, or fiscal resources to maintain your garden, then be careful about what you decide to add to it. Nothing can ruin your attempts more than a ‘one and done’ approach that then neglects all of your hard work.

In addition to caring for your garden additions, be sure to maintain your lawn regularly. In most cases, you will need to mow once every five to seven days. Be sure also to provide adequate water for your lawn, abiding by local ordinances so as not to pull when demand is high. Further, excessive watering is not only bad for the environment but is wasteful and can create water pools in low spots of your yard, which creates a perfect breeding ground for mosquitos and other insects.

Finally, be sure to stay on top of weeds as they can quickly get out of control without the proper attention. Each grass-type has an ideal cutting height to enable strong growth and good overall health. When your grass is trimmed no lower than that height, and when it is cut before it gets long and unruly, the grass will likely be able to strong-arm out the lawn weeds (provided you are also fertilizing and watering the lawn properly).