Revisit to our furry old friend
To better serve our furry clients, we branch the pet supplies especially for cat tree products and brand it as Feandrea. Hooray to that!

About a week since last time we pay a visit to the den (all right, it is actually a decent office is able to room several office tables and a few guys, now it is nearly a big cat house with dozens of cat trees) of Fe and Rea, we find some time among our schedule to visit our furry old friends again.

Rea is still welcoming and brisk just as vivid orange color of his fur. He is quite sound sensible especially after the office door open and a frequent visitor present him/herself. Just a few steps for his four limbs on the floor, he has moved nearby. Mew and sniff is his ritual greetings. Then we decide to kill some time to play with him. One of his favourite toy is front rat-shaped ball with stick handle. Maybe it is a educational toy to nurture their hunting and capturing ability. Rea is just uncontrollably indulge with this mimic rat shivering before him and cannot stop to capture with front paws or bite it. Sometimes he just hysterically extend his front paw repeatedly to try to capture the mimic rat. Nonetheless, the other end of the mimic rat is connected with spring. The little trick makes the “rat” just not so easy to be captured. What he keeps on doing just keep us giggling.

However, Fe seems to be lack of interest to play with us. No matter how much noise Rea has made, he just select to ignore what is happening in the room. This time he just to choose to have a wonderful afternoon with a long sleep. No matter how we touch it, he is steady as stone. Maybe this Fe the Elegant is thinking about “Whatever… You humans just do what you want. Just leave me to my bed.” After he wakes up, we have to continue to be steward and server for him.

What we recommend

Small Grey Cat Tree UPCT61W

Small Grey Cat Tree UPCT61W

If you like to offer your cat a comfy place to nap without too much space required, this is what you need. Compared with other medium or large size cat tree, this one is spatially economic for sure. Though the whole structure is intentionally compact, we are still generous about material. To better upheld the condo, the diameter of column is same as which of large size cat tree. That means the same amount of solid material for columns and bountiful application of sisal rope.

As for structure design, our designer applied intriguing uniqueness into it. To imitate reversely symmetrical structure like sand clock, this cat tree place two condos up and down vertically. However, they are not parallel on the same line. Two condos separately positions beneath the column and atop another one. Such design adds not only comfortably attractiveness, but also stability of structure and weight balance.

Definitely we are bountiful to material using on the cat tree. Nevertheless, we are frugal on structure utilization. The top perch closely ties to the top condo exemplifies our strict requirement on this point. Thus living space for the cat extends to three on the simple structure. Even you have two or three cats, you do not have to worry about their dispute on living space. Maybe your little furry residents need to have an election for the right on top “penthouse apartment”. The size of top perch easily enables two fat cats huddle in it cozily yet safely.