It seems that we are approaching the last period of this scorching summer. However, the hot air and wind still linger in where we go.
Definitely, the air conditioner can perform well for what we need. Sufficient natural ventilation also enables the relatively cool breeze to go through the entire room.

On the condition you still need to go outside, at least where you dress up should be a place that helps to create a cool vibe. Thus, you can take your time to choose and pick out what you need from the makeup varieties.

There is nothing you can do to your current home decoration style. What you can is adding some auxiliary to cool down the atmosphere of the whole room.

So, let’s continue to find some from the post.

simple structure vanity tableYou will be surprised by a less is more table

How about inviting some visually cool and comfortable Nordic chic to the room? The style always precisely strikes the perfect balance between form and function.

It makes you associate each piece with the cool breeze wipe through the fjord erecting along the whole seashore. So the Scandinavian style of furniture will be an ideal option in the summer.

Let’s take a look at this simple structure vanity table. A sleek refined tabletop elegantly floats on four slim canted legs to yield an eclectic “nothing less, nothing more” nook seamlessly merge into your room.

Don’t underestimate the thickness of the plank atop the legs. It is not only the entirety includes two drawers underneath the tabletop but also ensures the comfily high leg space when you sit before it.

The black runners make you enjoy the smoothness of every time opening the drawer as well as rendering a tonal counterpart to the white drawer.
Since there aren’t any preset compartments or container on the tabletop, you may change it to an office table for operating your laptop. Or, consider having some extra organizers to get everything organized for your need.

complex storage jewelry boxStay cool with all your jewelry in its own space

If you do not want your table to be overwhelmed by a sea of your dazzling items, you’d better find them someplace elsewhere.
Even those little precious will look really good on your neck or ears to make your prettier in the circumstances where you’d like them to be worn, they will turn to the little devils if you cannot properly sort and store them.

The scratches, tangling, or even broken will be common aftermath when they have a skirmish if you have them casually scattered or stayed together.

In the case that you are impatient no longer with untangling some with the others, some of them are doomed to be broken apart. Maybe after that when you come back to your senses of the precious, your heart will also break apart into pieces.

So, treat them as what they have served you well. This complex jewelry storage organizer will do the trick for your jewelry storage.
It won’t take too much space on your vanity tabletop, all the magic is just inside. It is just like a comfy condo for your different sorts of dazzling residents.

Side open doors with hooks are for the necklaces. While the main hulk and bottom drawer with plenty of slots for your earrings, rings, and whatnots you have.

The interior mirror enables you to take a look at your matching effect of makeup and jewelry on condition you don’t want to have a large mirror attached with your vanity table.

Yet, there is still a little secret inside. Once you need to go outside and unwilling to hold the whole box though it has been attached with the handle. There is a mini one inside which can be extracted.

Handy to take inside a handbag, functional with still a mirror inside, and stylish with an integrated profile as what it is outside, you will feel good no matter with the box on your table or take it with you to some go-togethers this fall.

full mirror on wall jewelry cabinetFind a blank wall for all your jewelry

It is always wonderful you can erase the furniture from the floor and make it somewhere else steadily floating to take the upper space. Save the footprint for every time get-together for your families and friends.

Even though the space in your bedroom is not used for rejoicing activities, it can be a place for some extra embellishments.
If you draw attention to the detail of your dressing time, then you must have a considerable amount of jewelry as the supplement to your dressing solutions.

Then, you won’t be strange about the jewelry case or cabinet. They are the must-have for your jewelry in case of tangling with each other. Have you ever thought about moving it on the wall? If yes, now you can have it.

This full screen mirrored jewelry armoire will an eye-catching piece in your bedroom. The mirror embedded on the door is more than a makeup mirror for you to take a look at the dressing details or matching effect. The large size mirror will also help to increase your sense of space.

Furthermore, the surprises are always in the details. The inside layout will be your most comprehensive storage for your dazzling items. String shape, ring shape, or whatever they look like, you can find a place for it.