Before the Easter bunny comes hopping into your patio or garden, you should swing into action with some decorations added into your home to create a welcoming vibe.

You probably have plenty of ideas and skill to weave or combine your handicraft into a gift for the kids or as a seasonal embellishment for your home. However, after you finish your masterpiece of craftsmanship, some of you may have already realized the dilemma about finding out you have nowhere to place them.

Since you spent energy and time on creating them, you’ll want to keep them safe and sound in a secured place. It will also become a cherished memory when you recall it someday in the future.

So, instead of coming up with ideas for creating festival gifts for you to follow, we would like to show you some proper places for your current need and the days to come.

SONGMICS photo frame collage URPF22BKCreate an album on the wall for your drawings or photos

It can be hard to find ample tabletop space or surfaces for your photo frames. Don’t just stow away the photo albums or pictures in one of your drawers.

Then, how about enjoying them anytime you want and make them part of your home decorations in a personal way? This photo frame collage is exactly what you need.

The classic wood grain black frames will join with each other in an artfully irregular mosaic pattern to create an aesthetically pleasing effect. You can also find the delight of making the album together with your families or kids.

The front glass has been processed into a smooth state. So, you don’t need to worry about the possibility of scratching your photos or pictures.

Just guide the kids hand-in-hand and step-by-step to pick out some favored pictures. Fit them in the frame and join them together in a joint pattern or separate them in different rooms to best suit your home style.

For Easter, a creative and boundless scrawling about the Easter Bunny from the kid’s most imaginative mind will be an enticing centerpiece to your guests.

SONGMICS tempered glass end table ULET04BXOr, fetch a table to create multiple layers to show and stow

The traditional table certainly can make your bits and pieces invisible. If you want, the table can help to perform as a dispensary counter to display your festival decor. This tempered glass end table will fulfill your wish.

It looks like a thick plank with natural wood grains and knots floating on an architecturally inspired iron frame embedded with a glass surface to render a comfortable see-through effect.

At one or both sides of your couch, or as a nightstand by your bed, you can hide away your items in the drawer (though it is a little invisible from the outside because of the integration into the whole plank) as usual.

Your remote control, laptop, or magazines will be your frequent caller in the space between the glass and the plank. This ample space can also allow you to secure your Easter eggs or baskets.

If you would like to maximize its functionality, consider having a storage bin or basket underneath the plank to utilize that space to create yourself a lovely cubby cabinet.

SONGMICS vintage floating coat shelf ULCR11BXBack to the wall again for more ideas

Except for the photo album above that you can attach to your blank wall, this wall mounted shelf is always the best combination of form and functionality.

With this shelf, you can make it the first view to your home. With a twisted arc at each side, the shelf is the ultra blend of industrial matted iron and idyllically rustic wood chunks.

You can hang the coats and hats on it to make a standard coat rack. Or, have some bunny dolls for this Easter on it. You can even find leftover paint chips to string across a chalkboard with the saying “Happy Easter” placed on the porch.

Easter egg wreath with moss, eggs, and flowers can go on the shelf too? No problem, just try and see.