For most of us, the last few months of the year are still a period of hustle and bustle. You need not only finish the target of your 4th quarter projects at work, but also need to fulfill the wish lists of the whole family.

However, the sweetness of a warm hug given to each family member can make us forget about the burden of work. The ever-growing wish lists will become the priority you would like to tackle first. Thanksgiving will be the first holiday to pre-warm this busy period.

Since you may have so many gift ideas in your mind that even one more idea will make your central processing system crash, we won’t want to add extra burden to your gifting task.

Instead, how about looking back to your home to create the warmest ambiance for everyone to relax and show their thankfulness? If you agree with that, then let’s start.

SONGMICS rustic console tableMake your dining table dense no more

What do you like about Thanksgiving the most? The entire family getting together? Sure, the sweetest thing is when everyone shares blissful memories of what we have contributed to each other throughout the whole year.

What is your impression of the savory food during Thanksgiving? Oh, nothing could compare with the lure of the well-cooked food. Even the very thought of each bite and smell would make everyone’s mouth water.

The juiciness and tenderness of the moderately roasted turkey served in a classic huge dish. The tastefulness of well-baked pumpkin pie no matter the look or sense of softness. Peas and beans will also be a good dish no matter the taste and nutrition.

Wait…it seems that there will be too much food on the dining table, not even including the wine, soup, and dessert after dinner. If that’s the case, then let’s find another serving table to better support our desire for more food.

No matter if it’s in the back of the sofa or somewhere near the dining table, this rustic console table will be a showpiece together with each dish served on the table. You’ll find good use with it when the dining table is dense with lots of food.

The main warm brownish frame and legs tunefully blend with earthy natural wood color to piece together the pleasing showpiece you would like to have in your kitchen, dining room, or living room.

With drawers and a bottom shelf, you can also have it in the entryway as an occasional table or the console table itself for some snacks when the family snuggles up on the sofa to watch TV.

SONGMICS ladder shelfAnd don’t forget to find a place for your holiday décor

The reason we always welcome shelves at home is that they’re more than a functional storage solution wherever you place them, but also a competent piece to accompany whatever kinds of décor you place on it.

The reason this 4-tier ladder shelf here is unique is because of the sense of space it creates with its vertically parallel yet slightly progressive layers. It’s a great place to put photo frames of each and every family member on the upper few layers.

Meanwhile, you can have some ornaments specific to the holiday in the middle like some pumpkin-like handiwork made from clay or anything else.

If you would like to highlight the theme of this holiday, some wall art in a picture frame with “Thanksgiving” artfully written will also be an inviting piece on the shelf. Or, a picture frame with fallen leaves inside would also be a token to display this holiday.

Potted plants on the bottom layer will help to welcome some natural elements back to your home. Or, just have some storage boxes there to contain your whatnots.

SONGMICS wall mounted rackDefine the vibe and make a good first impression of the home

When we say the first impression of the home, you may get the point that we’re talking about the entryway of your home. The wall shelf there usually is used for your keys, wallets, and some other grab-and-goes.

You may also have a shelf for your special décor for the holiday. Just like this wall-mounted industrial rack, the hook there will be a nice place for your coat, hat, and handbags. Consider having some garlands or wreaths there instead.

The fine art composed of greenery is sure to be a sight for sore eyes and a warm welcome to the family and guests who will get the see right away that there will be a joyful party ahead.

Ornamental balloons with Thanksgiving writing patterns would also be amusing elements at home. The best part about them is that they float in the air without extra floor space. They could even be in the shape of a turkey leg or pumpkin to better associate with the holiday!