No matter what the decoration style of your living room is, one sure thing is that you want it to be the first and most homey place in your house that allows you to not just release from the stress of working, but have it also be a place where all your friends and families can enjoy the most quality time when getting together.

To create an enticingly comfortable vibe, your living room is worthwhile for you to spend some time making an upgraded blueprint.
In consideration of taking the room up a notch both on form and function in a stay-in-the-budget manner, we would like to introduce some add-ins you can include in your upgrade plan.

SONGMICS Metal Frame Storage ShelfStack up your items instead of piling them up

We can always appeal to the shelf for a less floor space occupation storage solution. With its open structure, you can easily categorize your items for ultimate convenience next time you need them.

Meanwhile, the structure won’t hold back the sunlight, and its location can be as close as you can to the window.

If you design it to be a plant stand, the refreshing greenery combined with the warmth of the sunlight will be your most enjoyable view when taking a sip of afternoon coffee or tea.

You can find the benefits above and more from this rung design ladder shelf. Its progressively increasing shelving tiers render the shelving structure in a naturally appealing trapezoid form.

Its well-proportioned structure will not just help to keep the stability when fully loaded, but also offer ample space enabling your many a mickle to make a muckle.

No matter if you use it as an exclusive bookcase, plant stand, or an auxiliary media console storage shelf, you will be impressed by its large storage amount.

You can also consider to use it with a storage bin or box. Or, get another two tapered ladder shelves to make them a complex storage solution. Just go beyond the limit of your imagination to create your living room storage solution with the shelf.

SONGMICS Vintage Floating ShelvesThe wall can always be a blank canvas to wield your imagination

Don’t ever leave the wall of your living room blank—especially you have already suffered the deadlock of finding nowhere to hide away your bits and pieces.

With just several minutes’ screwing in parts, these floating shelves can help you set the scene for your on-wall storage and embellishment solution.

Mimicking a naturally aging visual effect, this floating shelf features a distressed wood veneer secured by 2 geometrically symmetric, triangular, matted metal supports on both sides. The combination of industrial and rustic aesthetics will offer an unobtrusive view for any of your decor styles.

Consider putting them in a parallel line to make a long shelf. Or, have several of them separated in a gradually decreasing sequence to make a quaintly tasteful view on the wall. Or, even vertically arrange them from up to down to place them above your cabinet or dresser.

These shelves will help you to strike the balance between form and function.

SONGMICS 3 Pieces Vintage TableOr, have the trio of tables for one and all

Once you have and try this coffee tables set, you are sure to be mesmerized by its unique form. An intriguing lozenge-like surface atop 3 hairpin iron legs can be an exceptional statement piece in your living room.

To host your guests in a casual and carefree manner, just separate the set and dispense them, giving each one their own table.
When the whole family decides to binge-watch a series together, one for the nibbles within reach, others for a glass of mojito or a laptop to check which series is most favorable to pursue.

Two smaller ones can be tucked away underneath the larger one. So for daily usage, just place the combination beside your couch to be a side table.