If we talk about something in or solely belonging to the living room, what will come into your mind first? A nicely soft and comfortable sofa or loveseat sure is something you might have. How can a leisure space be without a decent seat?

And a uniquely alluring TV backdrop no matter the color or pattern will also be a visually value-added decoration in the living room when compared with some TV cabinets missing form and function.

All items and pieces mentioned above definitely will be taken into consideration for your living room plan. However, a competent surface is the sole rally point for your get-togethers. Just like what we do when camping or hiking, we prefer to get around the bonfire at night.

It’s like a kind of custom to sit around a centerpiece just like what we do in a conference room: form a circle-like shape to better interact with each and every attendee for the meeting.

So, you may have guessed the point. We need a coffee table as a necessity for the living room to host family and friends.

industrial coffee tableTake compatibility as the priority

Since most customers are looking for an additional piece to go with their current house or apartment, the style, color, and shape of the table shall be endowed with the compatibility to find a place for itself in the current background.

Then, we have this off-the-shelf industrial coffee table for your reference. A dark mahogany grain-like surface floats atop the matte black metal shelf to create a shabby chic look. Since its glossless surface is in a low-key style, it won’t generate an obtrusive sight for your original décor.

The rectangular shape fits nicely into any corner. In consideration of the limited available space in some apartments, and taking note that some corners are left idle without too much thought about how to properly utilize them, you can fit the table into a corner without extra spatial waste.

wood grain tabletopThe greatness will arise from the humbleness

The intricate wood grain lacquer is not only intended to create a sight for sore eyes for wooden furniture hunters, but also a comfortable touching surface for your daily usage.

There won’t be an accidental and thorough spill which will affect both the surface and the legs. Don’t worry about the possibility of metal rusting on the surface—just wipe the stain off with a cloth.

The lower grid shelf will be a good place for daily storage. Magazines, controllers, or crackers and chips—you can make them hide away from sight while all within reach. The shelf enables all living room necessities to be in the status of company-ready.

If your cat or dog would like to take a nap away from the fun time, they will find no problem with the shelf as a lounge. Though we personally never expected such a function, we are always enlightened by new ideas from our customers.

P.S. If you don’t want the grid-like impression on your furry ones’ belly after they decide to enjoy TV time with you, consider having a blanket for them on the shelf.