We are now on the threshold of the summer, a season in which we can enjoy sunlight, the beach, cool short sleeves, beautiful dresses…just can’t wait to think about the fun we can have in this season.

However, before you think up an enjoyable plan to step outside, you will find heaps of unseasonal clothes unable to find a home for stowing them away.

The amount will be amazingly more than all of the joy you can think about of this season. I really don’t want to be a spoilsport here, however, it is an inevitable truth we have to directly meet and cope with.

Then let’s do something to hide them away from your sight while keeping all grab-and-goes within your reach. These items will do great help.

Wall Mounted Coat RackLet storage start from the entryway

The entryway is not only the first impression at your home, it can also be the outpost for you to start your storage solution. In addition to the various shoe benches and shoe racks in our previous post, the coat rack could also be considered in your plan.

Since we aim at the clothes storage this time, we will focus on the clothes rather than the dual storage solution for both shoes and clothes. Let’s hang the clothes on the wall to add some ornaments to that tedious blank canvas you will meet each time go out and back.

This wall mounted coat rack may not shout “fancy,” but it’s definitely the extreme embodiment of functionality. The dark brown color helps it easily fit in your wall paint or wallpaper.

Each hook on the shelf backboard is a trinity that enables 3 hang-able clothes to find their independent places to hang without taking triple size of space for them. The hang-able max pieces would be 48.

10 Shelves WardrobeYou always need an exclusive space for the majority of your clothes

Since coats and garments in spring, autumn, and winter will be larger in size and heavier comparing with those in summer, you need to find a spacious and sealable place for them.

That’s why we created a wardrobe for our homes. Even though we can imagine more auxiliary storage solutions, the wardrobe will always play the key role to shelter our out-of-season clothes.

How about having this 10-shelf wardrobe to create a retreat for your clothes? Since the framework is constructed of solid steel tubes, it can be easily assembled, detached, and adjusted.

That means you can create a co-living space for your clothes in all seasons. A few sections and compartments would be good enough for foldable clothes. And consider removing some of the separating tubes and boards for your coats and dresses.

Storage boxes or underwear organizers would also be ideal in the compartment. If you have ever suffered from finding only one sock for several pairs and having no idea about where they hide, then you know adding some organizers would do great help.

Industrial Pipe Garment RackInsert some industrial flair into your clothes storage

If you have plenty of style ideas for coats just as what you do for your summer clothes, then finding sufficient space for your coat will be a trouble even if you already have a wardrobe.

Consider hanging them somewhere else. If you would like to let them be there until next autumn or winter, you can have a cover on them to keep them away from dust.

Or, you can also have your dress hang on it. Half of the length of the rack can be used for long term storage and another half for frequent changing usage.

A structure of the rack is always simple, however, we can add some surprises in the details. Floating on the four flexible casters, there is a combination in captivating form that includes a wood grain board connected with a matte black hanging rod.

The height adjuster is designed into a valve form as a salute to the holistic industrial style. You will find the fun of spinning the valve to adjust the height. Make the most of the lower board space with some storage boxes and containers based on your personal need.