You may remember our recent post about the spring cleanup tricks to handle your mess and clutter. Now we would like to extend the recommendation list to be a lot more inclusive.

The furniture for storage should not only be handy in stashing away your bits and pieces but also attractive in its corner so it can better adorn the room.

Since spring is an invigorating season for nature to turn green and animals to return from their winter slumbers, the pieces you choose for your seasonal need is also to refresh the home for a new year.

You may also want pieces that can be inspiring for your storage imagination and functional ability. Or, you could be looking for a specific design to make a statement of your style sensibility. Let’s just start the selection from this list.

Songmics industrial style storage shelf ULSS11BXThe shelf is always the classic topic in the living room

An add-on with two-tone colors will help create visual contrast and complement other colors in the room. Once you create such a delightfully contrasting scenario in the room, you’ll find it adds extra interest to the room as it becomes a focal point.

That’s why you could consider having this industrial style storage shelf in your living room. With a seamless combination of wooden and metal elements, it also renders a combination of comfortable two-tone colors.

The height difference will also create a sense of depth to the whole structure, consisting of 6 equally divided shelving spaces.
You can even make it a media console as the centerpiece in the living room. Consider placing a CD player in the middle while leaving the stereo system symmetrically on both sides on the shelf.

The open storage space will be easy for your wiring. If you would like to hide those wires away, consider tying them with a ribbon or cable tie Also, place some decor on the lower shelf to add more ornaments while covering those wiring.

The simple linear structure will also enable it to easily find a corner in the room to fit in. So if there is a corner left blank without actual assignment, you can place the shelf in it to stash away bits and pieces or add some works of art.

Songmics Vintage Coat Shoe Rack UHSR40BMake your entryway the fist view of your home

A wall-mounted shelf is always the best idea to help you better utilize the wall for storage. It’s easy to be installed and helps to save the floor space.

A bench will be essential for the entryway on the condition you still have enough floor space. Then you don’t have to bounce around on one foot as you put your shoes on.

A shoe rack can kick storage up a notch for your entryway. It will help to better sort the shoes for the whole family.
If you are fond of DIY projects, consider placing a chalkboard on the wall between the shelf and the rack. Then every family member at home will have his own hook on the shelf and space in the rack.

Or, consider trying our trio vintage coat rack that combines a bench, shelf, and rack. Such a combination helps to decrease the occupied space of a separate bench and rack. Also, coats and hats are high up above the bench. Fetch what you need before going out just like a breath.

As we mentioned about the effect of the chalkboard, the lower rack and shelf now are symmetrically matched in the vertical space. All you need to do is just keep in mind which hook and shelving space belongs to you.

Songmics 2 drawers bathroom cabinet UBBC42WTSave your time on DIY with some storage boxes or cabinets in the bathroom

Bath towels and linen are essentials to keep warm and dry the body after a comfortable bath. So after those linens are cleaned and dried, it is also essential for you to stow them away to prevent them from moisture and dirt. Having sorted linens in the right place is also convenient for everybody to find when needed.

Stacks on stacks is the jack of all trades of storage solutions for any rooms at home.

No matter if it’s body wash, soap, or linens, they can be divided based on its material and characteristics yet united in one place. This can definitely be an economic storage plan for your valuable space in the bathroom.

You may take a look at this bathroom cabinet with 2 drawers. It is a brilliant mix and match of ocean-inspired coastal refreshment and down-to-earth cottage simplicity and practicality with classically combined open and enclosed storage space.

You can shift the drawers based on your need between 3 shelves in the cabinet. Anything in the bathroom you haven’t found a proper place for them, just put it in the cabinet.