When talking about getting your men gifts, here the gentlemen include your grandpa, father, husband, son…oh, it seems too much to list them all.

Since some men are not very picky, you can always choose a tie, a pair of fine leather shoes, or a belt to satisfy their need for the holiday season.

However, if you want to help him out by getting him exactly what he needs for a particular scenario, or help him to better engage in his hobby, there are some marvelous gifts out there for him.

We don’t want to startle him with odd gifts. Let’s just find something really functional and suitable for him to enjoy this holiday.

SONGMICS PU upholstery bar stoolCreate a bar mood where he likes a drink

First of all, excessive drinking is bad for your health and we don’t support that kind of behavior. However, a moderate amount of drinking is just a kind of entertainment and also can be a boost to your health to some extent.

A dish of snacks like popcorn with sesame glazed pistachios or homemade cheese straws can accompany a shot of whiskey or gin. This offers a strong and stimulating flavor to the taste buds and will be his best and most relaxing time of the day.

A dim light from the artistic lamp, a smooth and refined marble tabletop on the kitchen island being used as a small bar, plus a vase of freshly added flowers are all sure to enable him to enjoy his drinking time.

You’ll need a comfortable bar stool that fits the height of your kitchen island. How about having some leather-like softness combined with the stubbornness of the marble? These old school upholstered bar stools will help you do the job.

The bronze nailheads fit with the fine stitching line to seamlessly fasten the upper upholstery to the elegantly tapered legs. The sleek profile is reminiscent of the views in a country-style bistro.

He can rest one leg or both of them on the horizontal bars at the lower end of the legs if he likes. When his drinking is finished and the stool is no longer needed, he can tuck them easily under the tabletop or stack them with a minimum footprint.

SONGMICS entryway storage chestSimplify his storage at home

Usually, men like to finish cleaning the room in his way according to his plan. Maybe the way he tidies up the room won’t be as careful and considerate as his wife, but at least he maintains the whole view at home.

If you would like to encourage him to help you do some house cleaning or at least not add extra burden to your own, find him a catch-all for his diverse items.

How about getting him this storage chest as a gift? From the outline, its footlocker-like coarse style with some modern furniture elements offers a comfortable visual effect for any room.

Place it at the end of the bed and he will be able to conveniently stash away bedding and linen inside it. Or, have it in the entryway and it will become a simple storage bench for both sitting and storage.

You could even have it as a side table. With some magazines and newspapers placed inside the trunk, you can have some decor or succulents on the top.

SONGMICS bamboo standing computer deskAn upgrade for the coming year of work

Work shall be always left and finished where it should be: the office. However, for one reason or another, it is inevitable that we have to go on working at home. If it’s something that cannot be bypassed, then we have to accept it.

Sometimes we prefer to spend some time writing down something inspiring in our mind by typing. PC games might also be one of his favorite recreations in his spare time for its relaxing feeling.

In case of needing to spend some time there, why not make it more cozy for him to sit in there and enjoy his time? Fixing the sitting situation at the desk could be the first option, however, sitting for a long time can cause significant strain to the lumbar, neck, and back.

So. occasionally or periodically changing the position to standing will be helpful to cope with these health problems.

As for how to solve the monitor height difference problems when switching between standing and sitting, an exclusive adjustable monitor stand will do the trick.

The 2 boards are detachable and adjustable between different slots on different layers on the stand. The function doesn’t only help to change the height of the monitor on the tabletop, but also creates flexible space options for a keyboard tray or storage shelf.

The sufficient height under the shelf also enables him to have enough space for tabletop storage. Everything he needs for work or entertaining will be within reach and sorted.