It’s yet another time of going back to school. What’s your plan for the new semester? Being the most creative one in your club? Not bad. Or, being rewarded with a scholarship for your above-average performance?

Those objectives won’t be easy if your dorm is messy all around. Plenty of time will be spent on finding what you need.

Maybe the time for searching could be saved and better spent on thinking and being productive. Then, there will be a possible spark in your mind to help you further your approach to your goals.

Even if your dorm is not in a chaotic state, you can still find some idle positions for some auxiliaries. You can turn a corner into an inviting place for a short meeting with all your mates, or a nice place to add some greenery.

Now, let’s find some items you may be interested in.

grid shelfHave a wall loaded with all your treasures

If you are a fan of Polaroid, then you will know the importance of a creative rope or display racks. They will be an ideal place for preserving each memory of your life journey.

Even if you don’t have a sea of photos needing to be stored, a blank wall can always be utilized for display or storage. Consider having a floating shelf on the wall. It will do the job. If you don’t want to drill on the wall to fix it, then this grid panel will be your option.

You may regard it as a light version of a shelf to undertake some less heavy items. Create a nice photo or drawing show on the wall. You just need to fix some clamps on the grid to hold your masterpieces.

How about attaching a string of LED lights on it? It will be a mesmerizing spot in the evening if you can add some extra string décor to accompany it, such as an ivy-like décor.

A great fan of handicrafts? The grid panel will also fit you. The hooks and clamps will help to secure your tools and small-sized items on the panel. Save the tabletop space for your further creation of arts and crafts.

laptop deskKeep on typing wherever you want in the room

Fed up with what you’ve been doing for a long time, yet you still have to do it? How about changing a circumstance to go on with it. Maybe you’ve been told something inevitable you cannot avoid, then, try to accept it.

I feel the same pain as you do since we persistently encounter dilemmas like that in our life. So let’s try to ease the pain to the minimum. How about creating a table on the bed?

Just have some cushions and a pillow behind the back to better support your spine. Then you’ve already enabled yourself to be in a relatively comfortable position to keep on working. Then the rest will be a countertop in a proper height.

Drag a mini table for your laptop. Since the laptop table is designed to do such a job, you will be comfortable due to the convenience it brings. The legs are adjustable, just find a proper height you need and fix them well.

The tiltable top is angle-adjustable to better fit your poise of working. Plus, due to the ventilation holes on the top, you will no longer need to endure the heat blowing directly to your thighs.

mobile stool chairIf you have to sit, sit in a posture you like

The conventional swivel chair is extremely comfortable because of the abundant usage of soft cushioning. Meanwhile, the weight and size will increase dramatically. Even if you have it sent to you in pieces, it will make your jaw drop with the amount of space it takes and the difficulty you’ll have when you have to lift it without the help of its casters.

Take this stool chair instead. We make such a hybrid to mix the pros of both swivel chairs and bar stools. You may sit on it with nearly equal height when standing. Or, you may slightly reduce the height to comfily tuck yourself under the tabletop.