Why we offer iron and wood lite furniture? It may not support overall furniture solution for any rooms at home. But it could be an auxiliary to your current room layout. On one hand any of this series will actually add sense of aesthetics and sense of space into its location. On the other, it will find its proper place to offer extra storage and display space or surface to that area. So that is the basic concept or benefit when you bring it into your home. We will try to expatiate more details about iron and wood furniture from the content below.

It draws inspiration from 3 styles, they are industrial style, rustic style, and some part from Scandinavian style.

Old Days Industrial Glory

Industrial Style Furniture

Industrial style, also known as industrial chic, is an interior design implies the aesthetic element of old factories and industrial spaces. Something has become the past in our nowadays life. However they have become parts of our culture enroot in our recognition. Radio, phonograph, or telephone booth, and many others will not find its place in street corner or at home. But both for designers and watchers, any clues of them transferred to other product will be easy to recognize. As we both know about industry revolution. Fast developed heavy industries in tht period indeed is a fast development for human history. It bring huge amount of conveniences to our daily lives. The glorious days never passed since we will recall it from the design to any possible product.

What elements consist of industrial style is what we have ever seen from old-day factory and machine. Like weathered wood of beams in warehouse, exposed brick of wall façade, lighting fixture on top ceiling, concrete structure of all those building. So for this part stylish design, we use iron as necessary part for all furniture in this series. Clear-cut and smooth layout will not conceal any space of the room. Nevertheless it will offer you clear view of your own room and space. This advantage exactly meets your need for sense of space in crowded urban life. Also comparing with traditional functional furniture, iron part is cool in characteristic. It stands for your unlimited pursuit for freedom and private space control.

* What we have in the photo above for your ref:

Shelf units on both sides in the room: Antique Corner Shelf Rack ULLS34X, 4 Tiers Ladder Shelf ULLS44X

Table with casters on the left of sofa: Snack Side End Table ULNT50X

Recall Idyllically Peaceful Life

Rustic Style Furniture

Rustic style. The typical rustic style furniture will select sticks, twigs, or logs to present a natural look. From annual ring cross section of wood material, we will see the process of life. And the ring will make us recall how close we are ever to the nature. Even now we are just part of it. As stress rising with more and more reinforced concrete structures rose, we definitely will miss those innocent and easy feelings. Those emotions are pure joy in our childhood and surroundings like trees, grass, and forests. Rustic style will help us to prescribe a relief dose for stress intolerance by high space urban life.

For this style, we try to reach the balance between affordability and natural feeling. Solid wood furniture usually locate itself in the market as medium-high or high level consumer good. So we choose eco-friendly particle wood board instead of solid wood. Wood is also well known for its plasticity. That’s why so many artists choose to offer their masterpiece about wood and from wood. As we could recreate wood pieces into a wood carving. So why don’t we have some tricks to offer some artistic effect on its surface.

Chrysophoron is an artwork created by the nature. Some of them just like a fossil included a bug remain inside. With solid clear resin outside and a bug inside, it is just like a specimen left for us from the nature. So we create black spot and wormhole effect on the surface. Antique finish from black spot will try to create true feeling after wood for long time using. Wormhole effect tries to restore natural state of wood original form in the nature. Some other effect like abrasion effect and trace effect after horse tail wiped through. They all try to offer natural feeling after long-time using especially with natural wood material.

* What we have in the photo above for your ref:

Coffee table in the middle of the room: Antique Coffee Table ULCT61X

Side table on the right of sofa: Antique Side Table ULET41X

Functional in a Simple and Obvious Way

scandinavian style furniture

For Scandinavian style, we only draw its essence of simplicity, minimalism and functionality to merge into our iron and wood furniture series. From the appearance of these furniture, it is about vertical and horizontal lines and bars. No matter from coffee table to side table or shelf, it will be simple in its structure. The simple structure and color will not only make it much easier to integrated into original décor style of the room, but also helpful for the product on weight control. Since we will use most furniture  for storage no matter on surface or inside, we design some of them with handles or casters to for easy moving. Light weight will be helpful for you to carry from one room to another to perform its storage function.

* What we have in the photo above for your ref:

Coffee table in the middle: Vintage Nesting Coffee Table ULCT66BX

iron and wood furniture2

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