In our previous post for home accent, we mention that the coffee table will be the centerpiece to call up families and friends to have a get-together. And after that, have you considered about adding some handy surface to keep both necessities and whatnots reach in hand.

If you don’t want all those items to pile up on your coffee table or scatter around on your sofa, then just get some table ready for such an assignment. They’d be better in the status of ready-to-fit, and you will find no hardship on fitting them in any of your rooms.

Since they will be placed and used for some temporary needs, they should be ripe for the backdrop change when they no longer needed in the specific circumstance. However, when you position it somewhere else at home, you will also have the feeling beyond “feels good”.

Then, let’s have a look at this pentagon-shaped side table.

3 tier industrial side tableAn irregular shape will sure to be inviting

When you think about the side table, you will first have the impression of its tabletop, especially the shape of which, into your mind. Maybe a round one, or square, or rectangle, they are common to us.

Something so-called classic will never be dated. Nonetheless, we just want a little bit change on the look. The reason we love life is for its unpredictable, the change sometimes will lead to an unexpected surprise. Then let’s have a change of the side table.

The side frames on both sides have been formed into an irregular pentagon shape to add additional fun. Now the classic material combination of matte black iron and natural grain wood has transcended the pleasing tonal effect by re-shaping into an intriguing silhouette.

No matter for the leather or linen sofa, the fringe of the armrest mostly will be sleek. We never deny that the flat surface of the side will be a flowing extension to that spot. But you will notice that the direct turn from vertical to slant on the shape will become a coincidently sleek counterpart to the armrest.

No matter for the sitting side or the lounge side of your sofa, this side table will be a joyous piece there to company you for binge-watching or the feast for your guests.

3 tier industrial side tableAlways be ready for storage and display

If you are the fun of clock no matter for a traditional quartz type or an LED type, you can help them to find a steady base on the tabletop. A watch removed from the wrist, a glasses, and a clock on the top will make it a competent nightstand.

On the condition you place it by the sofa, something frequently used such as remote control or your phone will be the frequent visitor there.

Don’t underestimate the function of the lower shelf. To perform as the plant display, you can have a vine plant on the middle layer. Thus height will enable the vine to be naturally pendant. And consider having some pot plants on the lower to complete the look.

It would also be fit for your tea time. Your most favored ceramic pot and cups filled with coffee or tea on the tabletop enable you to indulge in each minute when the life in the low-speed gear. Some fashion magazines or recent popular novels make the duration of slow life worthy to have.