Maybe you’ve found that or in the status of appetite shortage problem since we are in the middle of the scorching summer. No matter you are a named chef at home or gourmet in the whole family, you would really like the dish or snack in this season would be much alluring both from the looking and tasting.

The ambient temperature will not only be the problem for fresh food storage but will also be the harassing factor for your cooking ideas.

On condition the problem doubled as the mass on breadboard and butcher block and everywhere else in the kitchen plus the high temp, then my first feeling will tell me that no more cooking. Absolutely no more!

So in consideration of the joyous feeling of “Bon appetite” both from the person who cooks and the one who enjoy the dish, help yourself or help them to tidy up a kitchen island is crucial in the cooking in this season.

I have something interesting from the looking and using to share and also can’t wait to share, as usual, take some minute to take a look together with me.

on wall wine rackHave a rack exclusively on the wall for the wine

The slightly translucent and sleek profile glass bottle plus the wooden cork with the fragrance of natural oak smell will be our very first impression of the wine. Just start to think about the first impression of the wine, I just can’t help to take a sip.

Don’t need to say more about the wine is the best company for dish especially when it will be the red meat like steak. The strong fragrance and the mildly stimulating taste will help your taste bud better identify the freshness and tenderness of each fiber of the meat.

Moreover, a sip of wine can also be the source of cooking ingenuity for a chef at home. It will pique you to find the best connection and combination of various raw materials and conditions.

All of a sudden, the cracking noise of the wine bottle shocks me out of the sweet association with the wine. Sigh… kids and paws will be the natural enemy to any fragile items. Then you do really need to do something to have your wine better protected out of the reach of them.

If a standalone wine rack on the floor cannot effectively protect your wine, then why not fix it on the wall within the adult’s reach only. This wall-mounted wine rack will help you do that.

In consideration of the associative connection between wine and wood, the rack is actually made of the solid bamboo wood with mimicking wood grain processing. You will want to take some time to think over which one will best fit for today’s dish.

The holder beneath the bottle rack will best fit for your goblets. Maybe sometimes the thought can’t serve you to decide which wine is fit you at the moment, then how about grabbing a goblet to take a sip to decide.

In my own humble opinion, if the seasonings can also be filled in the same sized bottle and all other cooking utensils like scoop or shovels with handle can be fit into the holder, why not to have a pair of the rack to complete a look of the wooden series rack on the wall?

kitchen trolleyExtend your kitchen island for more storage and operating space

If you choose to cook at home and do that on 3 meals daily, one true thing will be that the countertop of the kitchen island is never too large. Even you have the habit of stashing away of each unused item timely, there will always be a circumstance hard to find a place for something.

Now a kitchen trolley can help you relive some storage and operating surface shortage problem. Unlike a conventional simple trolley for a temporary need, you can fix it closely adjacent your kitchen island.

The classic black wood grain on the tabletop will help it easily access into your original kitchen backdrop.

The height-adjustable function allows you to level the height difference between the cart and your kitchen island. Now from the style or structure, it will be a permanent resident in your kitchen.

The fixable characteristics of the caster will help it switch from permanent resident to temporary helper just like a breeze. You will also find no hardship on how to utilize its shelves and top surface to maximize your cooking operation and storage.

bar stoolLast, take a seat to take a break

Since you are the sole owner of your kitchen, what the cooking schedule will be like are all depended on your own decision. It is not the cooking area of the Michelin starred restaurant, no one will oversee how you perform in the working hours.

If you feel tired at some moments, feel easy to have a rest because it is your home. To extend the comfort of resting to the largest extent, I will choose a seat only position in the cooking area or near the kitchen island.

A bar stool with backrest will a nice fit under that circumstance. With that stool, I can slightly lean back for lumbar support and place my feet on the footrest to relieve the stress after long-standing for cooking.

With that seat, you can also have a first taste of what you’ve cooked. Ah… that’s a privilege of the chef rather than eating in a stealthy way. Nonetheless, the chef at home definitely needs a seat to take a rest and decide the taste of his or her cooking masterpiece for a further seasoning or not.