If you’ve clicked on this article, that means you might be in the market for a gift to send to your special one this Valentine’s Day. However, you might be wavering about, thinking of ideas for what to give.

Roses and chocolates? Been there, done that. You can be definitely be more imaginative in your gifts selection while still controlling your budget to an acceptable extent. And, most importantly, you can surprise them with something special that they’ve been craving.

We’ve selected some different gifts for you to take a look at that your significant other might enjoy. Get a gift that is unique and one of a kind for your sweetheart.

Have you ever waited for your significant other while they get ready in the morning? Do they have a hard time finding what they need to go out?

Sometimes what they need is something that can keep everything all in one place to help speed up the process. Instead of bugging them about going faster, help them out with something to keep them organized.

Songmics Side Open Jewelry Organizer UJBC121BYou won’t have to wait long before going out with her

Send her this black jewelry box as a gift to help her cope with the mess on the vanity table. The cool, silver color metal handle and front lock add contrast to the glossy black faux leather covering, rendering the box a timeless and noble piece.

When you press both sides on the lock, you will also be impressed by its delicate yet rationally separated inner space. Framed with sturdy fiberboard, the inner space has been proportioned into different sizes of compartments and drawers.

The narrow side space has been utilized for hanging jewelry. The design will help you to maximize the function of this cubic storage solution. Also, you have found a decent home for your bracelets and other hangings.

The ultra soft velvet interior will help to keep your precious bling-bling from scratches. There is also a mirror embedded inside the lid to help you select the most appropriate jewelry for your style. Moreover, a hidden mini case has been included to extend the usage of the box for your traveling need.

Let’s take a count of inside divisions: 20 compartments, including 3 layers with 2 drawers, 2 side compartments with 8 necklace hooks, 1 ring case, 6 ear stud cards, 3 large storage pouches, and 2 watch slots. Whew…let’s take a breath after that list.

She can finally stash away all of her jewelry for access at any time.

Songmics Transparent Makeup Organizer UJMU08TThis is another secret why you wait before going outdoor with her

Aside from finding the right jewelry, applying makeup isn’t always a quick process. There’s a whole selection, from lipstick to eye cream to foundation cream to…many others you can’t tell the name.

So, unless you’re looking to send her a large vanity table, you could consider giving her this acrylic makeup organizer to further tidy up all her makeup.

The transparent acrylic material makes it seamlessly blend into the style of her vanity table while presenting all items at a glance for accessing. When the sunlight passes through the organizer, it resembles a mini, exquisite crystal palace with beauty inside.

Makeup brushes, lipstick, nail polish, and many small items could find their places in the top compartments. She can stow some other larger items in the lower medium and large drawers based on their sizes.

Furthermore, the whole structure can be detached into the top compartment, the organizer with medium size drawer, and the one with large drawers.

According to her need, she can detach them to have some on the table top and others inside of a drawer. Or, just keep them together on the table top to have all daily essentials close.

If you have a plan to send a gift to him, we have something he is sure to love for their functionality.

Songmics Rolling Cart Laptop Desk ULAD02WTA desk for him, sitting or standing!

Does he have the need to continue with his work at home? Or does he have flexible working time other than staying at the office to do his job? Or he likes to read and write on a desk while in bed?

No matter what he does, if he has the need to work with a laptop or prefers to read books and magazines, this mobile laptop desk will suit him.
This ergonomic statement piece is the conversion of a mechanical linear structure into modern aesthetics, maximizing ergonomic benefit in the home office. A sleek tabletop floating on three slim yet steady supporting bars with a pneumatic lift function enables you to adjust the height effortlessly by pressing on the handle underneath the top.

Just drag the table by the bed and you can continue to enjoy the warmth and softness of your bed while surfing the net and enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. Or, after a long time of sitting, find a nook to bring the table to, alongside a magazine and an energy drink to re-energize and refresh.

Songmics Dual Monitor Arm Stand UOMA02BKFind a monitor stand to help him tidy up the tabletop

Maybe both you and your mate have suffered from a mess on the tabletop if you have a PC at home. No matter the occupied area of the monitor with a base or complicated wiring connection between the monitor and computer case, they all just worsen the messy situation surrounding the PC.

How about detaching the monitor from the base and raising it on the tabletop with this monitor stand?

On the back of your monitor, you will find 4 screw holes that are actually ready for the stand. This stand is designed with 4 screw holes at the front end to secure the monitor.

The hook along the supporting bar on the stand will help to better organize the wires and cables. This way, the space underneath the monitor has been saved. Whether you want it for placing some other items or tabletop organizing, you will quickly be fond of the benefits of the stand.

With a height adjustable function and upgraded dual monitor support, he will enjoy his workstation with this. Also, the monitor at an appropriate height and an orderly tabletop will help him to better focus on his tasks.