It’s spring now. A wonderful season and beginning for the whole year. As opposed to the sleepy and gloomy cold in the winter, now is the best time to conduct a thorough clean-up for your apartment or house.

Before grabbing a rag to scrub the surface of your furniture or a broom to sweep the floor, you won’t want items scattered all around becoming obstacles and causing trouble. It’s better to have those items sorted and stowed away in various open and closed storage spaces.

Some of them will need to stack up, while some others need to be hung. To meet the different storage needs, you might need one or more useful storage options from our recommendations below to help initiate the spring cleaning.

20 pack wood hangersTake full advantage of your inner wardrobe space

Of course, we use a wardrobe or closet to better organize our clothes. However, if you don’t have a plan about what to be placed in and how to divide them, the situation would be just another clutter at home.

First, hang up the clothes closely and neatly on the bar inside the wardrobe. Compared to folding and stacking up the clothes, the hanging solution helps to save time. And it also offers better protection for the clothes with material that are apt to wrinkle.

Designed according to the limited inner space and length of the hanging bar, these wooden hangers will be helpful to fit your clothes onto the bar. The flat profile will help to accommodate more clothes on the bar one by one.

The horizontal beam is also ideal to hang pants and similar clothes. Now, you can double the storage amount on the bar. The soft/sleek surface of the hanger fits all kinds of material, especially those delicate types which can possibly suffer from scratches.

Regardless of your closet is an eye-catching wooden piece with a fine look, or a portable, temporary one easy to set up and move elsewhere, the refined wood hanger would turn your closet to a refreshingly tidy view inside and outside.

Every time when you open the closet and look through all your clothes, you will enjoy the slight crispy clicking sound from one hanger softly knocking on another. This is the tuneful sound can only be heard from the wood material hanger.

Tapered Coat Rack StandFor those ready-to-use clothes, you can also hang them up

Find an idle corner inside the living room or even entryway, and you can place this tree-like coat rack there. Handbags, coats, or hats—they can find their cozy perch out there.

Resembling tree branches, there are dozens of hooks rationally distributed on different height levels on the trunk. Even for a whole families’ hanging needs, the rack would effortlessly fulfill its task.

To better support the stability of the whole structure and keep geometric symmetry of the top and bottom structure, the bottom base is uniquely constructed of 3/4 bars to offer a steady base. Even if the whole rack has been fully loaded, you don’t need to worry about toppling.

And there is no need to let a corner just be full of coats and hats. After a whole winter which is a lack of soothing green views, you can create a tiny oasis to please the sore eye anywhere. Consider placing a pot of succulent on the shelf. It would pair well with the wood-look shelves there.

Songmics storage cube closet ULSN63HWith this shelf, you can make it a bookcase or another showcase

Why can’t I have the handy storage anywhere I need it? You are daydreaming if most of your pieces are in traditional wood or metal material. With more and more pieces in detachable components, we can shape it whatever you like.

This storage cube closet is the statement piece of simple linear structure to better serve modern life’s need at home. The undefined function of this perpendicular structure actually enables you to flexibly define your preference on home storage or ornaments.

With some potted plants, you can easily bring in some seasonal elements this vivid spring. Or, just some photo frames or awards—it will show that the gallery exclusively belongs to you and all your family. With some chic figurines on the shelf, make the shelf another piece of art decor at home.

If you just want to utilize its storage function, you will also benefit from its evenly separated compartments. It was made to be a bookcase, so no matter if it’s for the living room or bedroom, you can take your time to sort your books and magazines.

Consider having some properly sized storage boxes in the shelf so you can turn it into a cabinet combined with open and closed storage space. 

From all the structures above, it could an open shelf, a dresser, or a cabinet combined with open and closed storage space. It’s all your decisions to change the shape to fulfill the diversified storage needs.

Songmics modern dark blue ottoman LSF83WTStash your knickknacks in a comfortable sitting spot

How about introducing this modern dark blue ottoman into your home? With a classic, eye-catching Chesterfield pattern on the surface of the upholstery, it will easily find its place in your living room or bedroom.

With the unobtrusive color, you can find an ideal ornamental furnishing in your home. The bountiful space underneath offers not only an ideal storage solution for your plethora of items scattered around, but it also can be capable of becoming another seat beside the couch.

It will become a visually comfortable complement with an easily assembled or folded structure in your living room. Just invite a few friends to come over and woo them with the most comfortable style of your living room.

Gather around to enjoy chatting or playing poker around the coffee table and all of you can find yourself a seat in the living room.
It can also become a footrest at the end of your bed. If you are tired of insufficient storage space in your bedroom, this ottoman bench also fits for bedding, linens, or some blankets.