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Bike Repair Stand Rack
  • Bike Repair Stand Rack
  • Bike Repair Stand Rack
  • Bike Repair Stand Rack
  • Bike Repair Stand Rack
  • Bike Repair Stand Rack
  • Bike Repair Stand Rack
  • Bike Repair Stand Rack

Bike Repair Stand Rack

SONGMICS Bike Repair Stand with Solid Welded Head
SKU: USBR05B | ( 7 Reviews ) Free Shipping Estimated Delivery Date: 12/07/2021 - 12/14/2021

Customer & Reviews

5.0 | 7 Reviews
  • Tamimdhali U.
    Fantastic bike stand, especially for the money! One of my "best buys" to date! I received it this past week, and admired the unopened box (banjo shaped)... the well engineered box and well packed product was the precursor of things to come. I cut open the box, removed the stand and started using it immediately without reading the instructions (I still haven't read them yet, nor used all the hardware, especially the straight "brace"...but I'll get to it. The stand's deployment was intuitive and I went right to work on my Trek mountain bike and on my granddaughter's Raleigh ....the stand clamped onto each one, in spite of the huge differences in frame size and circumference and held each of them steady as the "Rock of Gibraltar"...even when I rotated them 90 degrees and then 90 degrees further until they were upside down. What....a great stand. I strongly, unequivocally recommend this to any bike owner who does their own maintenance. (and please note...this is not a fake foreign national would be using the word "unequivocally")....View more
  • Lenard O.
    Great stand for home use. For casual home use, this thing is great, especially for the cost. I have a 53 pound eBike which this thing holds just fine. It would be 65lbs with the battery, but I have yet to test it with the battery on: no need to. The only thing is that one of the softer plastic pads that actually makes contact with the bike kept getting stuck to the bike when I took the bike off the stand. There's no reason for this to ever come off, so a drop of superglue quickly fixed that issue. ...View more
  • Takara B.
    Great value! With the standard bikes it works great. With the e-bike, it works pretty good. I wouldn’t call that the fault of the stand, but simply because of the heavy weight of my e-bike. Still, within 15 minutes of opening the box I was lubing my e-bike’s chain and finally adjust the derailer that was driving me nuts. All in all, a great purchase and well worth the low price. I’d buy it again and would recommend it to anyone that works on their bike casually. If you work on your bike a LOT, it might be worth it for you to buy a Park or other higher end unit....View more
  • Mitali A.
    Gets the job done! I use to be a bike technician at a national sporting store. They used parks bike stands,and work very well. It's not a parks, but works very well. As long as you are not heavy handed and don't crank down on all the configurations, it will work swell. It's a sixty dollar stand, but well worth the money. It works for me and that's all that matters....View more
  • Justin Castillo
    Great product I use this both outside on my porch and inside my house with different configurations. It is very easy to use and has strong, sturdy parts built to last...View more

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