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Bamboo Storage Laptop Desk
  • Bamboo Storage Laptop Desk
  • Bamboo Storage Laptop Desk
  • Bamboo Storage Laptop Desk
  • Bamboo Storage Laptop Desk
  • Bamboo Storage Laptop Desk
  • Bamboo Storage Laptop Desk
  • Bamboo Storage Laptop Desk

Bamboo Storage Laptop Desk

SONGMICS Bamboo Laptop Desk Serving Bed Tray Tilting Top ULLD001
$28.99 $36.32 -20%
SKU: ULLD001 | ( 5 Reviews ) Free Shipping

Customer & Reviews

4.6 | 5 Reviews
  • Rom J.
    This is a great table. This is a great table. It's fairly light. I would consider it to be a 2ft cutting board with legs. The cup ring, is for disposal cups, definitely not for a coffee mug. The little drawer is a nice thought, but i won't have a use for it other than holding the small wooden piece. When i opened the box and pulled it out, it was like i immediately knew how much i would like it, and what i would be looking for in the next table. This is well built and I've used it every day since having it....View more
  • Richard D.
    Good overall for the desk Better than the metal stands with the articulated legs. Also, this stand has a wider stance over the lap. Good overall, but I don't like the drawer, so I taped it shut....View more
  • Janet L Tillman
    Very pretty This is almost exactly what I've been trying to find for using my computer when I'm in my recliner or in bed. It's very pretty; I like the little drawer on the side. I love that it is adjustable AND that is has a little lip to hold the items on the surface. The only problem I have with it is that the surface is off center. This make using the keyboard awkward - I can't shift the thing over because the legs are in the way. Collapsing the legs just makes the whole thing shift in my lap. I think perhaps if it were a little wider so the adjustable surface could be centered between the legs of the table yet keep the little work surface and drawer. This would allow for another work surface on the left, for those who are left handed, and give room for another little drawer....View more
  • Bettylouise
    Make all thing within reach I have needed this a long time and I have tried others found them lacking. this one is awkward to handle along but I am learning to do it for myself. I lay my book or Kindle on it and my hands are free to other items. My drink is where I can easy reach it.The tray flattens and eating is easy. There is a tray for pencils, etc....View more
  • DD
    Good as a gift Recipient hasn't really gotten a chance to use the product for too long yet. However, I gave it as a gift and she loved it! Very useful and unique idea!...View more

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