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  • Bamboo Large Size Lapdesk
  • Bamboo Large Size Lapdesk
  • Bamboo Large Size Lapdesk
  • Bamboo Large Size Lapdesk
  • Bamboo Large Size Lapdesk
Bamboo Large Size Lapdesk

Bamboo Large Size Lapdesk

SONGMICS Large Size Lapdesk, Multifunctional Bed Severing Tray, Folding Bamboo Laptop Desk, Breakfast Table with Adjustable Tilt Angle, Notebook Stand, Sofa Tray with Drawer, Natural Grain ULLD009N
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Customer & Reviews

4.8 | 5 Reviews
  • Leah
    Good quality laptop desk This laptop desk is just the size I needed. My laptop fits well on the left side part that raises and there is room for a mousepad and mouse on the right side. This is a very solid and sturdy desk. It’s plenty high on the lowest height setting for me to sit with it over my lap on a bed. The baffle that holds the laptop when raised is removable and fits in the side drawer when not in use. I chose this one because of the size and because it has a solid surface without vent holes like some others. I will use this for a writing surface as well so I wanted it to be smooth. My only complaint is that the metal latch on the right side does not line up with the drilled hole. However, the leg stays put fine without it so it’s not that big of a deal....View more
  • KGE
    Well made with useful features This lapdesk/tray is well made with useful features. It definitely has plenty of room for computer and more....View more
  • K. Broussard
    give me a flat surface to work on I’m often stuck in a recliner or bed due to disabilities. My mom bought me this bed tray for my coloring and crafts. It has helped give me a flat surface to work on and make my days pass a bit faster....View more
  • Priscilla Neale
    Well sanded & high quality Unlike the less costly laptable this one is well sanded and has high-quality hardware. My one suggestion to manufacturer is that the top have a 3rd hole so that the "book" bracket would be center across the width of the top. I purchased the wider width of the two available....View more
  • Claudia Alazam
    Gorgeous, Sturdy, and Gets the Job Done! I'd like to start by saying I'm the worst huncher. As an at-home college student I study books in my lap, my laptop is always on the floor in front of me, and my neck, back, and shoulders have sustained painful, long-term damage from my horrible posture. I decided I desperately needed a change, because the pain is starting not to go away, and I don't want to grow up into an actual hunchback. After considerable research, I decided on this "lapdesk", if you can even call it that. I mean that in a good way, though! My parameters were (with answers): Q: will it raise my books and computer to a bit under or right at eye-level so I don't hunch over anymore? A: Yes! But please keep in mind I'm a munchkin of a woman/vertically challenged. I'm 5'0". But I can see even a person at 5'5" perhaps being able to raise this to eye-level, too. It has two levels on it, which are marked by circular indentations on the legs' adjusting track. There's midway, and there's full extension. I am perfectly fine at mid-level. Q: does it have a considerable amount of room on it? If you're like me and you're a messy artist, that's a big consideration! A: Absolutely. When I got it, my cat decided to put herself on it for reference, but even without her, I think an elementary-sized or middle-school sized student could use this as an actual, legitimate school desk. It's huge. Even with the part that raises up raised, there is still considerable amount of room on the right for a mouse pad, mouse, a few pens, and a phone or tablet. Q: is it user-friendly regarding putting it together/using it? Could a simple person understand this, and if they couldn't, would they be able to understand it after a simple explanation? A: I will give a resounding yes. This parameter is a big one for me. The desk comes already assembled, so you don't have to put it together (with the exception of the thing that keeps your books/computer from slipping off the desk when it's raised. This comes inside the drawer, and you can put it on the desk without screws). Adjusting it is simple, too. Q: is it lightweight and portable? A: This one is a "no". I mean, if you're like, six feet tall and buff, maybe you'll have no problem lugging this around. But even so, it would be inconvenient. This is not ideal for carrying long distances and is meant to stay at home, or is meant to be driven to the location and stay in one spot for a long period of time. It will not fit inside a backpack, and because it is solid and sturdy, it is heavy and bulky. Q: is the drawer, though small, able to hold a basic, decent amount of supplies? Is it sturdy or flimsy? A: Yes. You can get quite a few pens and pencils in there, if your pens and pencils are small. If you're an office supply enthusiast like myself, you'll still be able to get your best pens and pencils in there. Other reviews to include are how this desk has a beautiful, matte finish. It's super smooth. The only little thing is the edge. I've included a picture below. You see that dark-ish layer sandwiched between the two lighter layers? That layer has some texture to it. It's not obnoxiously textured, but you can feel a definite, though subtle difference there, and since a minuscule amount of sawdust rubs off it, I would advise mildly rubbing it with low-grade sandpaper. No, it's not going to give you splinters, but I can see super finicky people saying how it has a rough edge. Overall, I would highly recommend this. It fixed my hunching problem and relieved the strain I always put on my neck and shoulders, and overall, it's a gorgeous, study little desk that absolutely does its job!...View more

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