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4 Tier Industrial Bookshelf
  • 4 Tier Industrial Bookshelf
  • 4 Tier Industrial Bookshelf
  • 4 Tier Industrial Bookshelf
  • 4 Tier Industrial Bookshelf
  • 4 Tier Industrial Bookshelf
  • 4 Tier Industrial Bookshelf

4 Tier Industrial Bookshelf

VASAGLE Bookcase, 4 Tier Industrial Bookshelf, Floor Standing Storage Rack in Living Room Office Study, Large Storage Space, Simple Assembly, Stable Iron Frame, Rustic ULBC12BX
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Customer & Reviews

4.7 | 7 Reviews
  • Justin B
    Stylish, Sturdy, Easy to Assemble My friends used to think I was really dumb until I bough this bookcase and put a bunch of books I haven’t read yet to put on it. Now they think I’m super smart AND a fast reader! Sturdy, stylish, and classic looking (just like me!) this bookcase is easy to assemble. I didn’t need to use the wall anchors like a lot of people did in the reviews but I also don’t have kids to knock it over. Maybe someday though. This bookcase will probably impress the right woman so we can have kids together someday and destroy this bookshelf because I foolishly didn’t anchor it to the wall. But if that happens, I’ll buy the exact same one!...View more
  • K
    Looks great but be careful about the the weight. The bottom shelf started to bow in a bit. So it looks great. No issues there. It's really easy to build.There's one disappointment with it. I've had it about a week and noticed there's a slight bow on the bottom shelf. I had books on three shelves, but only a handful per shelf. Yet it seems that was even too much. If they used better quality wood it would be a top notch product. But I guess it wouldn't be so cheap. So I have mixed feelings. Some plants and decorative things and you'll be fine. O well. Not a bad product. But know what you're getting....View more
  • Tokyo90s
    It's absolutely beautiful. First and foremost I have a ton of books and a ton of bookcases and this is an absolutely beautiful bookcase. I don't know if it's solid wood but it is strong and can take a hit without effecting the stain. Let's get some stuff out of the way 1. You don't have to use the dividers between the shelves it won't effect the strength of the shelf. Or you can use just 1 or 3 or all. 2. Pay attention to the little holes where the cross bars attach in the back so you don't accidentally have one of the sides on backwards. 3. Honestly I have 300.00 bookshelves and this looks better. The only con I have is one screws hole was word out so the screw couldn't grip but I fixed it with a trip to the hardware store....View more
  • Krane
    Great quality & holds a lot Love it! Great quality and it holds a lot!n...View more
  • Cathryn Mollenberg
    Attach to a wall for stability Arrived in damaged box and slightly bent. One of the shelves was chipped on the side, but I could assemble it with the damage in the back to be less noticeable. The bent part of the frame had to be bent the other way to get it to fit in the other part of the frame. Other than the slight damage, it was easy to assemble and looks as described. Scratches pretty easy, but it looks good. Definitely want to attach to a wall for stability. My dustables and books fit fine on it....View more

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