3 Tiers Shoe Bench - Shoe Bench | VASAGLE by SONGMICS

3 Tiers Shoe Bench
  • 3 Tiers Shoe Bench
  • 3 Tiers Shoe Bench
  • 3 Tiers Shoe Bench
  • 3 Tiers Shoe Bench
  • 3 Tiers Shoe Bench
  • 3 Tiers Shoe Bench
  • 3 Tiers Shoe Bench

3 Tiers Shoe Bench

VASAGLE Vintage Shoe Bench, 3-Tier Shoe Rack, Storage Organizer with Seat, Wood Look Accent Furniture with Metal Frame, for Entryway, Living Room, Hallway ULBS73X
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Customer & Reviews

5.0 | 5 Reviews
  • Brad S.
    Good Works just like it should....View more
  • David
    Decent Piece Quality was a lot better than I thought for $50. It’s small which is what I wanted and it matched a liquor cabinet I bought on amazon a year ago. Serves its purpose decently too. The only side effect is that I wish the shelves had more space height wise so my work boots wood stand up but no biggie I just put them on their side. Like it a lot in my place...View more
  • Michelle
    Awesome, sturdy, cat approved It looks even better than the pictures on Amazon. Real wood top? No, but whether particle board or synthetic it looks good. it screwed together like butter with a single allen wrench, just go slowly and don't tighten any one thing all the way until the end. It was sturdy and didn't move a millimeter with my 190 lb butt sitting on it. Cat in the picture is a 13 pounder so it may look a little smaller than you expect. 29 inched across the top, 18 inched tall, a foot wide....View more
  • J
    Sturdy, small, industrial look Very sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. Bought knowing the the top was chip board with the intent of the fact that I would have a solid metal base and could redo the top with real solid wood if I wasn’t pleased with the chip board. The chip board is in great condition upon arrival unlike some other reviews. It’s small, which is perfect for a place to take shoes on an off just inside the door. Anything larger would have been unnecessary. I’m happy and would recommend this product. I’ve included pictures for scale and the chip board top....View more
  • Eric
    Works Great For My Unconventional Use I'm using this as a stand for a desktop PC tower. I have many peripheral devices (even more than pictured) that all have their own wires, but using the two metal grating bottom shelves I easily cable managed the wires with zip ties for a clean look. I gained back half of my computer desk space, the PC sits comfortably off the floor for ventilation, and it all just looks nice and tidy. Putting it together out of the box took all of ten minutes but this thing feels super sturdy. I had planned on drilling a hole in the wood top to feed cables through, but the wood is so heavy and beautiful that I couldn't bring myself to do it. This feels like something that will last for decades and might get repurposed at some point, so I didn't want to ruin it....View more

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